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Your business needs to communicate, engage and inspire your audience with a view to taking your relationship to another level, be it a sale, send information, explain your services or provide systems. Whatever form this takes, from e-commerce facilitating transactions to database products inventory, project examples and systems that ease the flow of information around these channels. All of the smart stuff is best wrapped neatly in your brand and delivered professionally across all your media. That is where our understanding of business plays a major role in the process.

The work you see on this site covers front end development for web and mobile, brand design for many sectors that have had identities rolled out across multi channel products from outdoor media to corporate stationary and sitting nicely under these brands are many websites, apps and a host of other digital media which has assisted the growth of all of the businesses we have worked with.

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Creative Digital Design Studio specializing in Front End Development and the digital arts

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Our work covers a variety of digital disciplines but all center around solving communication requirements and reaching customer needs. The philosophy is about Form Following Function in a world where getting to the point, on devices and platforms is fundamentally crucial to business.


Hi! Welcome to the work of the Creative Temple, a Digital Design studio. This site showcases a cross section of work and profiles that will hopefully be of interest to you and possibly be the beginning or extension of our business relationship.

If you already have a website, brand / marketing strategy or are just starting out but your eyes glaze over at the thought of how to go about it, then we can help guide you with online comms, its identity, planning, e-commerce and taking it to market. I hope you will find some inspiration in this site and make contact.

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Creative Temple

Founded 18 Years ago by Andrew Pougher, the Creative Temple has been a small and beautifully formed design studio. Covering all digital design work from print to web. We have produced for multinational Corporations and SME's alike. Focussing on communication for business, we understand the application of technology to brand for all media channels and it's implementation.

Our Digital Design along with expert Programming for professional Applications is our forte.

Navitas Dashboard

Working with the delightful Navitas Solutions Ltd developing the travel sector dashboard. This project is a Jquery, html5, css3 and JSON magic project facilitating the management of travelers on the GDS network.


The projects we have been involved with to date cover a variety of business sectors. Any project undertaken is meticulously planned, tested and executed. In 18 years of business we know it's all about the relationship and working hand in hand to deliver our expertise to you.

Our digital design and front end development, integrated seamlessly to back end systems deliver powerful applications for business.

Turning your ideas into reality.

It has been great to work with you again and the end product is looking fantastic

Paul Toomey (Navitas Ltd.)

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